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Indie Tsushin: 2023 Spring Collection

This is a collection of the 2023 Spring issues of インディー通信 Indie Tsushin blog, a handmade site celebrating and introducing indie and doujin games from Japan! Please note that all of these issues are available to download individually for free, and that this collection does not contain any bonus content. This is just a convenient way for people who want to support the site and add all three issues to their itch account.

This collection includes:

All issues are available in PDF, ePub, and MOBI files. The ePub and MOBI files have a simplified layout, so those versions are recommended for screen readers and eReaders.

For more articles, videos, and zines, please check out the インディー通信 Indie Tsushin site! And if you make games and are based in Japan, please send us your stuff so we can cover it in future issues!

Support インディー通信 Indie Tsushin!

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin is ad-free, does not (and will never!) run sponsored content, and is mostly made by two people in their spare time. We write the articles, buy the games out of pocket, conduct and translate the interviews, lay out and edit the website and zines, pay for hosting and recording equipment, and so on. We do all this because we are gigantic nerds and hope that more people can play and appreciate Japanese indie games and their developers. We would gladly do it even if we never made a single yen from this.

BUT! If you enjoyed the zine, please consider paying for it! Any amount would be more than enough, and would go a long way towards boosting our morale and keeping us going. Not only that, it lets us pay guest writers to appear in the zine! If you can't afford to donate, don't even worry about it! Indie Tsushin will always be available to read for free and will never go behind a paywall. You can also help us a ton by sharing this zine or indietsushin.net, and by rating and reviewing our games and zines on itch. Thank you so much for all of your kind support!


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this zine you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

indie tsushin 2023 03 pdf singles.pdf 181 MB
indie tsushin 2023 03 pdf spreads.pdf 188 MB
indie tsushin 2023 03 epub.epub 5 MB
indie tsushin 2023 03 mobi.mobi 4 MB
indie tsushin 2023 04 pdf singles.pdf 183 MB
indie tsushin 2023 04 pdf spreads.pdf 192 MB
indie tsushin 2023 04 epub.epub 4 MB
indie tsushin 2023 04 mobi.mobi 4 MB
indie tsushin 2023 05 pdf singles.pdf 196 MB
indie tsushin 2023 05 pdf spreads.pdf
indie tsushin 2023 05 epub.epub 3 MB
indie tsushin 2023 05 mobi.mobi 4 MB

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