Build a snowman army and protect your base from neighborhood kids!


  • Player 1: WASD, mouse (opening screen only), Enter key to restart at Game Over
  • Player 2: Arrow keys


Walking forward will cause your player to roll a larger snowball. Change directions (up, down, or back) to build your snowman. Use your snowman army to keep out the invading kids, but be careful not to trap yourself!!

If an enemy enters your base (the blue area to the left of the screen) or touches you directly, you will lose one heart. Lose three hearts and it's Game Over!

Snowman Ranks

Depending on the size of the snowball you roll, these are the types of snowmen you can build when changing directions:

  1. Regular Snowman
  2. Boxer Snowman
  3. Pitcher Snowman
  4. ????? Snowman





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Fun and charming

Thank you so much for playing!


Fun game I really like it : )

Thank you so much for playing!