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Nice Disc: The Last Hot Blood



コントローラー (X-Input)

  • アナログスティックおよび十字キー:移動、および投擲方向の指定
  • Aボタン:ジャンプ
  • Xボタン:ディスクを投げる


  • WASD:移動、および投擲方向の指定
  • スペースキー:ジャンプ
  • 左クリック:ディスクを投げる


Hot-blooded action game where you steal, throw, and fling discs to take down your opponents and leave your mark in the vaulted halls of Nice Disc! Up to four players can join the fray in this local multiplayer sports brawler, with both controller and keyboard support. The last one standing takes home the championship belt!

Controller (X-Input)

  • Left analog stick or D-pad: Movement and throwing direction
  • A: Jump
  • X: Throw disc


  • WASD: Movement and throwing direction
  • Space: Jump
  • Left-click: Throw disc

You can aim the disc in eight directions. Pick up discs from the ground by touching them when you're not already carrying one.

Download demo

NiceDiscTLHB_demo.zip 79 MB

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