I (Renkon) recently started making little journal entries in Bitsy. By the end of the first week, I made a simple little game about being in my 20s and living along the Sea of Japan. I really liked working on this, and plan to learn more about Bitsy and its community-made tools.

Click here for my most recent Bitsy journal entry.


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorNice Gear Games
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy
TagsAtmospheric, Bitsy, Experimental, japan, Lo-fi, Magical Realism, Narrative, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Thank you! 🥰


Thank you for this beautiful experience. 

Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words!! 💜💜💜


This is so nice!

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words! 🥰


you're making me tear up again! this was so beautifully written and, again, extremely relatable. thanks for making this!


Ahhhhh thank you so much for playing and for leaving such a kind comment!! I'm glad that it resonated so much with you and that you found it relatable!


I love bitsy as an engine, its so good for making little contemplative spaces like these. You use it to create such a strong sense of place, it really reminds me to cherish nature and the world around me. The visuals are also great, in particular I love the two travelling screens, so much depth packed into 3 colours and 8x8 sprites!


Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! 🥰 And I agree, bitsy is a really great way to limit yourself (color palette, text, etc) to express yourself, I love it a lot!


This is really nice - thanks for sharing it!

Thank you for playing and for your kind comment!! 🥰

Using Bitsy as a journal is a really neat idea! You did a lovely job of sharing your memories, and I enjoyed witnessing them :)

Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! And yeah, I wish I had more time to make bitsy journal entries these days, I highly recommend it! Please let me know if you try it too 🥰


what a beautiful experience! there's something about bitsy's 8bit two colour nature that makes all the emotions contained feel so much more intense and evocative

Thank you so much! And I agree about the limited palette, Bitsy is a joy to work with.


this is so sweet, thank you for sharing! i love the idea of journalling in bitsy as well


Thank you for playing and for your kind words! ☺️