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Controller (X-Input)

  • D-pad or left analog stick: プレイヤー移動
  • A: ジャンプ
  • B or X: カードプレイ、動物召喚
  • Left/right bumper: カード選択
  • Start: ポーズ(所持しているデッキの確認ができます)

Keyboard controls

  • WASD: プレイヤー移動
  • Space: ジャンプ
  • K or down arrow: カードプレイ、動物召喚
  • J/L or left/right arrows: カード選択
  • Escape: ポーズ(所持しているデッキの確認ができます)

Choju Yokai Giga

The mysterious Yokai Monogatari has been opened, unleashing Yokai into the world! Help Miko seal them away and restore peace to the village. Build your deck and summon animals to defeat Yokai in this side-scrolling platformer! The longer you go without touching the ground, the more cards you will receive when you finally land. Play cards to summon animals with different effects, and collect sake to keep them on the field. Since Miko can't do any direct damage, be smart about where to place the summoned animals!

Controller (X-Input)

  • D-pad or left analog stick: Player movement
  • A: Jump
  • B or X: Play a card to summon that animal
  • Left/right bumper: Select card
  • Start: Pause (also used to check your current deck)

Keyboard controls

  • WASD: Player movement
  • Space: Jump
  • K or down arrow: Play a card to summon that animal
  • J/L or left/right arrows: Select card
  • Escape: Pause (also used to check your current deck)

鳥獣妖怪戯画旅行案内所 // Choju Yokai Giga: Guided Tour

If you are having trouble with the game, please visit our website! We have more information about the animal cards, yokai, and other helpful tips.

鳥獣妖怪戯画案内所 // Choju Yokai Giga: Guided Tour


Support development of this and future games by buying the soundtrack! Available to download here by paying $7+, or standalone on Bandcamp.


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THIS GAME WAS SO HARD......... until..... I realized........ a certain thing you could just do with the cards, pff.

It was really funny when I realized that, so!!! If anybody ever has trouble with this game, just, uh, pay attention to the two card-draw cards that you can get in Stages 1 and 2. 

Thank you for making this fun youkai jaunt!!!!!!!


Thank you so much for playing!! I am glad you are having fun!

We need to finish working on our guide (eek) but if you are having trouble with animal cards and yokai, we have their descriptions up on this site!


I didn't realize there was a website......!! This is super handy!!!

Watching the walkthrough and hearing "Yeah Namahage is supposed to be extremely hard", and, yeah...... I was stuck on Stage 2 for at least an hour pfffff


Thanks to your comments I realized that I forgot to put a link to the website anywhere on this page 😅 So thank you for that haha!

How long is that game?

It's about an hour or two to clear, depending on your build.